Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

> This is the best thing that could happen to Gnome's usability IMO. I
> would very much like to have this in the final 3.0 version and if it's
> not there it would be pity. I think that there are still some design
> issues such as coolness and like usability but I guess the first one is
> going to wait a bit. The one most visible is the repetition of data in
> the panel and the window's titlebar. Maybe one solution is to have in
> the titlebar display only the name of the application + icon and the top
> panel - the filename and app icon thus making the breadcrumbs associated
> with document model and an easy way to navigate documents. But then how
> we would control applications that could use more than one docs (e.g.
> several tabs in FF or some pictures in gimp)? 

Thanks for the input.  I was already thinking about doing something like
this to help differentiate information and make the crumbs look cleaner.
The best I could come up with was to display the wm_class as the
windowcrumb text.  It is a bit abusive I think but works visually.

I have also added the code so the workspace crumb only shows up if there
are multiple workspaces.  This gets us back to the simple use case for
basic users.  I am just brutishly showing the workspace crumb when
multiple workspaces are there.  This should have an animation where the
window crumb slides over and the workspace crumb fades in.  I will get
to that after I finish up window notifications.

> P.S. 
> Your screencast is generally good but you might consider slowing down a
> bit the movements of your mouse so that everybody can follow it and
> maybe adding some bg sound ;)

Thanks for the input I will keep it in mind.  This was just a quick
screencast to show the functionality I was providing.  Anyone is more
than welcome to grab my branch and make a better one.


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