Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

В 02:01 +0200 на 07.07.2009 (вт), Jon Nettleton написа:
> Okay okay I have finally cleaned up the code enough that I can publish
> it.  It isn't 100% stable, but is very usable.  I know I also have
> things to implement like window notifications and alt+tab and such.  I
> took today to implement my code using TidyGrid and fixing a few other
> things.
> I have never done a ScreenCast so I wasn't sure what people would want
> to see.  Here is my shot at trying to illustrate my Live Crumbs work.

This is the best thing that could happen to Gnome's usability IMO. I
would very much like to have this in the final 3.0 version and if it's
not there it would be pity. I think that there are still some design
issues such as coolness and like usability but I guess the first one is
going to wait a bit. The one most visible is the repetition of data in
the panel and the window's titlebar. Maybe one solution is to have in
the titlebar display only the name of the application + icon and the top
panel - the filename and app icon thus making the breadcrumbs associated
with document model and an easy way to navigate documents. But then how
we would control applications that could use more than one docs (e.g.
several tabs in FF or some pictures in gimp)? 

Your screencast is generally good but you might consider slowing down a
bit the movements of your mouse so that everybody can follow it and
maybe adding some bg sound ;)


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