Re: Baking with BreadCrumbs


> Maybe there's a 4th option: have the same recently-used order for the
> breadcrumb.
> Is there a particular reason why it's convenient to keep the
> windows/workspaces in the order they were created instead of the
> access order?

There is a very specific reason.  When using the mouse it is easiest to
access an item again if it is in the same general place.  If you
continually re-order the windows based on stacking order it becomes very
slow to use the mouse.  Instead of this workflow, *Remember icon or end
of list for new*, Click, begin moving mouse, *scan exact position*,
focus, lauch app.  You have click, *scan stack to see where window is*,
then move mouse, focus, launch app.  However because there is no
guaranteed muscle memory both *scanning* and moving the mouse take


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