Re: Baking with BreadCrumbs

On 07/06/2009 05:11 AM, Jon Nettleton wrote:
>> Can I still switch between windows (in a fixed order, not order of
>> last use) by pointing and scrolling, as is possible with Gnome 2's
>> window list?
> Not yet, but it is something I plan on implementing for both windows and
> workspaces.

FWIW, this "feature" confuses a lot of people ("I was scrolling in
firefox and suddenly my windows switched around" [because they moved the
pointer off the bottom of the window without noticing]) and there's some
push to get rid of it in the normal taskbar.

> I am also trying to integrate the same view for both alt+Tab and alt+ctl
> +Tab.  alt+ctl+Tab is not a problem because it is a static linear path.
> The behavior of alt+Tab is difficult because it mimics the window
> stacking and is constantly changing.

Look at how Alt+Tab is currently implemented (mostly in
src/shell-alttab.c and js/ui/altTab.js). You just need to rewrite
altTab.js to use your UI rather than the standard one; the shell tells
it the right order to put the windows in.

-- Dan

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