Re: Baking with BreadCrumbs


Thanks for your feedback and enthusiasm.  I have been on away on
vacation this weekend so I was not able to respond to you all very
quickly.  I have plans to fix up a couple of remaining issues I have
later tonight and will then either send a patch to Sanders, or open my
own github account.  I will also try and get a screencast done.  I
can't make it to Guadec, but perhaps someone else could lead the


> I was waiting for this feature for a while now !
> I love your screen capture. I would like to help you testing it, how can I
> setup it on my gnome shell install ?
> Thanks a lot for your work
> 2009/7/4 Jon Nettleton <jon nettleton gmail com>
>> I finally bit the bullet and started putting some serious efforts into
>> trying to remove the bottom taskbar from gnome-shell.  I worked a bit
>> trying to integrate gnome-launch-box ( it needs a bit more love but has
>> potential ) but ultimately decided that was a power users tool.  Then I
>> saw the email about the breadcrumbs branch regression and needing to be
>> pulled in with master.  I always liked the idea and decided to take a
>> look at Sander's efforts a bit more closely.
>> I liked the simplicity of the menu system but it felt a bit out of place
>> with out new shiny gnome-shell desktop.  I have hacked up a more gui
>> intensive version of breadcrumbs that solves a bunch of the problems I
>> was having with gnome-shell and window switching.  Here are the screen
>> captures, this is all coded and working ( although needs some polish ).
>> 1)  I can still get to any window on my desktop in 1 click.  Click on
>> the window breadcrumb move mouse let go, done.
>> 2)  The workspace breadcrumb kills 2 birds with 1 stone.  I can easily
>> switch between workspaces/activities with 1 click.  The workspaces also
>> act like the overlay workspaces so you can switch directly to any window
>> on any workspace.  This is a bit small and can use some usability love
>> but it has made my life much easier and really makes the idea of many
>> workspaces activities simple and easy to use.
>> 3)  The integration with alerts and window notifications is much easier.
>> I haven't finished it yet, but if a window demands attention you are led
>> to it through the windows breadcrumb if it is on the current workspace,
>> or through the workspaces breadcrumb if it is on another.  If the window
>> that demands attention is on another workspace you can easily see
>> identify it and move directly to that window.  No need to switch
>> workspaces and then find the window that demands attention.
>> 4)  Thanks to all the excellent work already done, all the windows are
>> live clones and work well.  Very little extra overhead, great work
>> everyone!!!
>> I know there are questions if breadcrumbs are a good fit for
>> gnome-shell, perhaps they turn into a plugin.  I am not interested in
>> that discussion right now.  I am more interested in feedback, possible
>> design changes.  What I have done is very much geared to fixing the
>> problems I had using gnome-shell day to day on my desktop without a
>> task-bar on the bottom of the screen.
>> I also don't have a public git repository but if people want to try it
>> out perhaps I will get one.
>> Looking forward to the feedback,
>> Jon
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