Re: Baking with BreadCrumbs

That's looking very good indeed!

When doing alt-tab the very same interface could be displayed
temporarily so that the users know that the breadcrumb is the way to
switch when using the mouse (the color of the switching button should
change or provide some kind of feedback). Perhaps in the future this
functionality could be extended with a search box for filtering the
name of the window, for example.

I think that the breadcrumbs idea was a very nice one.

My only complain is that I think that the "Activities" button
shouldn't be taken as part of the breadcrumb (I mean, don't use ">" as
a separator between Activities and Workspace). It's not a clear thing
that Activities are supersets of workspaces and it could induce
confusion to newbies when they receive indications such as "Activities
> Accessories > Text Editor", for example. I think it would be OK if
it was possible to not use the ">" in that place.

Once this little thing is addressed I don't think there should be a
problem to have this in gnome-shell, in my humble opinion.

Perhaps the thing that could be turn into a plugin if there's
disagreement about it is the "Workspaces" section in the breadcrumb,
it seems that some people don't want this information displayed there
(although I agree that the way you have turned it into a pager looks
quite useful) perhaps making that section pluggable would be fair
enough for inclusion?


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