Re: a list!!?!

2009/4/15 William Jon McCann <william jon mccann gmail com>:
> Another
> goal was to try to reduce the reliance on workspaces by defaulting to
> only one and allow adding them as needed.  I think that trying to
> design around the one workspace model is important for a few reasons:
> a) most non-geeks will probably only use one b) it greatly simplifies
> the navigational complexity of the system c) it forces us to be more
> creative in solving window / task management issues.  I think a lot
> more focus has been put on workspace management in the shell
> implementation than some of us in the hackfest would have liked (or
> maybe it is just me).

I wholeheartedly agree with this. FWIW, I've been living without
workspaces and their annoying corner cases for ~1 year on current
GNOME. Workspaces are particularly confusing IME when you have more
that one physical display on a xinerama(ish) setup which seems to be
getting quite common, at least on my anecdotal list of friends and at
work (where we use Windows).


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