Re: a list!!?!

William Jon McCann wrote:
> One idea that I had that I quickly rejected, as requiring a mental model
> that is too complex, is for workspaces to be activity bundles.  Others
> seemed to have liked this idea but I remain deeply sceptical.

I think a lot of people assume when they see the word "Activities" that
that is what we're trying to implement, and adjust their ideas about
gnome-shell accordingly. I've been thinking we should change the label
to "Overview".

> I think a lot
> more focus has been put on workspace management in the shell
> implementation than some of us in the hackfest would have liked (or
> maybe it is just me).

That was not communicated well outside of the hackfest then. The wiki
has a lot of discussion of multiple workspaces, and never suggests that
the use of multiple workspaces was intended to be minimized. (I'd
assumed that the goal was to make it *easier* to use multiple
workspaces, as with the compiz cube, rather than to try to get rid of them.)

-- Dan

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