[Gnome-print] Re: [jody: [ynakai redhat com: Re: Gnumeric bug 15607]]

> Evolution seems to send/receive only UTF-8 mails, but almost of all mailer in Japan
> only handles JIS code so at least it needs optional feature to read/write a JIS code mail.
> UTF-8 mails are still unacceptable in Japan. Our staff Tagoh have sent some patches already,
> but it seems to be difficult for Evolution to accept them until its release.

If you are talking about the same patch that we rejected, the reason
for the reject was that the patch had zero or no testing, and made the
code crash quite easily.  Not to mention that it lacked documentation
on any tricky parts and no ChangeLogs.

Radek did apply the patch assuming proper testing had been done.


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