[Gnome-print] gnome-print-encode.h - installed headers

There is a file inside libgnomeprint that implements encoding
and compression algorithms "gnome-print-encode.c". Its header
is beeing installed with gnome-print. I don't know why , I think
I was not carefull enough when I added it to the Makefile.am.

I don't think anybody is using this functions (from the outside).

I want to move it to the non-installed list. This will not
break current programs, because the functions are still going
to be in the library. And this will also not break compilations
for the same reason (warnings will occur, which is not bad
so that i can verify my theory that this functions are not 
beeing used if nobody flames me)

So, unless you oppose, I will move it to the non-installed headers.
as gnome-print-encode-private.h and remove the functions from

I need to rewrite this file because this functions can only be
used as "big blocks" for now. We need to alloc for all the 
memory that the compression is going to use. In concatenated
compresions/encodings (like the pdf flate+ascii85) we need
to ask for 3 times the memory than what we really need. This
is not really a problem unless we start working with big images,
but non the less, we need to be memory efficient.


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