[Gnome-print] Re: [printing-dev] X-print?

Sander Vesik wrote:

> I speak for *MYSELF*.
I know :) everywhere you post you keep mentioning this

>> Christian
>> BTW, you probably have a to tight anti-spam filer on this list, since 
>        ^^^
> "We" don't have any - the site and lists are maintained by collab.net
> It is possible the lists are 'subscribers only can post'.

Don't want to argue details here, but 'we' meaning all participants of 
the OpenOffice project should feel ownership for the mailing lists even 
if we are not the sysadmin. So to put action behind my own words have I 
made OO bugzilla report 192 on the issue :)

This also brings up another issue, which is the use of these lists. It 
seems that most of the Sun developers user internal mailinglists still 
(or the level of comunication on these issues are incredibly low), I 
hope as the project evolves that this changes.  I know that many 
developers lurk on the lists for a couple of months before starting to 
participate, so having lists where design decisions, implementation 
issues etc. are discussed are important in order to gain new developers.

>> neither your response nor the one from Michael Meeks of Helixcode has 
>> made it onto the dev-print list.
> There is no dev-print list AFAIK - there is a list dev@printing.openoffice.org

Please lets not make this a discussion on spelling and other nitpicking 

>> Michael response can be found here:
>> (http://lists.helixcode.com/archives/public/gnome-print/2000-November/000489.html) 
> FWIW - I am in almost total agreement with what he says in that one.
> 	Sander
> ..sigless

Well, I consider Michael a friend and is someone I respect very much. 
His argument about OO being engineered around Xprint, and that switching 
would require large rewrites, do making such a switch something which 
one probably would want to think hard about before doing, that I have no 
problem seeing.


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