Re: .jp Localization of apps/libraries. (was "Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [ynakai redhat com: Re: Gnumeric bug 15607]")

Hi all,

I'm on vacation currently, so I'll respond very briefly here
and in more detail when I get back to North Carolina on 

Moving to UTF-8 is something that I'm personally very interested
in - I think that in the long term it is the best way
to make sure that programs are properly internationalized
as created, so we won't need to add lots of Japan-specific
patches to fix them.

And I think we can and will be moving Red Hat to UTF-8 much more
quickly than Y. Nakai suggests. Certainly, GTK+-2.0 and and GNOME-2.0
will be using Unicode internally, even if the user's files
are stored in a localized encoding.

But currently, we aren't there yet, and won't be there for the
GNOME-1.4 timescale. We need to make sure that Gnumeric (etc.) does
print in Japanese, and since we don't have the complete tools for
printing in Unicode, that means adding EUC-JP support.


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