Re: [Gnome-print] Need Help...

This feature is almost ready for prime time.

You can test the almost ready  version by 
getting gnome-print from cvs and compile it
with the "--with-admin" flag.

You also need to get the gnome-print-admin
module from cvs and compile that to change
the settings of the print job.

This has not been released to the world because
there are still some issues that I need to fix,
if you can compile this and test it, it would be
great. Please mail me if you find any problems/bugs
with it.


> Ratan wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I want to display a print setup dialog, in which user can change
> setting (like printer, no. of pages, paper size etc.) from within my
> application as it is possible on Windows plateforms using PrintDlg Win
> API function. Which library can help me? What is the path of that if
> any? If not, how to do this?
> Waiting for your reply.
> -Ratan Sen

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