.jp Localization of apps/libraries. (was "Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [ynakai redhat com: Re: Gnumeric bug 15607]")

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Yukihiro Nakai Wrote :
> > Now we start to localize the next Red Hat Linux (7.1 called internally)
> > but the first job is to remove whole UTF8 codes from gnumeric, gnome-print
> > and other completely...

You are going to do What ?
Remove the whole UTF8 from gnumeric, gnome-print and other completely ???

It does not make sense. It's crazy.
I don't think that is the solution at all.

We are moving all the apps and libraries to UTF-8. 
Removing  the UTF-8 code from all the sources is a LOT
of work and will infest the programs with bugs.
Also, if you do this for RedHat 7.1, you are going
to have to do this again for every RedHat release.

We need to address the real problems, with real solutions.

Can you sumarize the specific problems you have with the use of UTF-8 ?


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