Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print(fwd)

   From: Federico Mena Quintero <>
   Date: 09 Jun 2000 13:24:13 -0500

   An application, using the gnome-print drawing API, generates metafile
   data that gets piped to a print server process.  This can run on the
   same box as the application or on a printer-controlling machine at the
   other end of the office.

Now this proposal makes sense.  I still think it would be better to
work with Adobe to improve Postscript, but that's a relatively minor
point.  If Postscript isn't powerful enough for your needs, and you
really need a better file format, at least this proposal clearly
separates server from client functionality.

   For all I care,
Precisely the point.
		   the print server process can be a CUPS-provided thing
   or something equivalent.

It appears to me that your proposal is as follows:

Application prints to Caanvas
    Caanvas layer generates metafile
	Metafile is sent to print system
	    Print system feeds metafile through rasterizer
		Rasterizer output gets fed through back end printer driver

Is that correct?

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