Re: [Gnome-print] Re: [Gimp-print-devel] An introduction to gnome-print(fwd)

> > This exactly is the issue. If toolkit does this anyway, it has to
> > include full-featured rasterizer. And I can see no reason, that
> > rasterizer cannot output some neat PCL/ESC/P2 too...
> Well, have fun trying to get your drivers to work with all printers.
> You'll quickly bloat GNOME-print so much that noone will use it.

Oh my god.  I just realized it.  You work for the CUPS company that
sells printer drivers.

Now this puts a completely new perspective on your comments.

> Alpha transparency has been around for nearly 20 years.  SGI shipping
> Showcase (which supports alpha transparency) in 1988 (12 years ago)
> which by the way does transparency with PS output...

So some amazing hacker was able to do alpha-transparent printing.
Good for him!

We are comoditizing high quality printing for Unix, and you do not
realize this, and you are not interested in that.

If there are problems (accounting, quotas, and "etc") we will tackle
those problems as they arrive. 

I am basically a believer in getting things done rather than giving up
because there is a potential problem down the road that I do not know
how to solve or even at that very momment: I belive in continuing work
while my mind thinks about the problem in the background, and someone
with more experience can join and help me.

This is, btw, the way Gnumeric was written.  Software details that I
did not know how to solve were left for later until I had a chance to
think about them.  But I did not give up doing the spreadsheet because
I did not know how to do X or Y.

So, I will continue working and keep this problem on the background
until the moment comes to fix it.


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