[Gnome-print] Re: Helix Code :-)

On 9 Jun 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello Lauris,
>    Have you read my proposal on gnome-print about the way printer
> profiles would be done?
>    Basically we want various objects:
> PrinterProfile:
> 	Pointer to Dynamic Module that implements the printer driver.
> 		or NULL for a built-in module.
> 	Vendor of this printer.
> 	Model of this printer.
> 	User visible name of this printer.
> 	Supported resolutions.
> 	Supported paper sizes.
> 	Maybe a pointer to a PPD file.

I think about it a bit.
Just now I say, that knowing resolution is not enough. You have to know
exact pixel grid placement.
I bet, usually it starts from (0.0, 0.0) - but is it always so - I do not

The stakes are high:
  * Absolutely uncompromised output quality 
(from http://developer.gnome.org/arch/imaging/printing.html)


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