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2009/9/23 Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org>:
> Thanks all for the feedback.  Here is the final draft, Lucas is getting
> ready to publish.  I'm not sure who usually forwards this to press contacts.
> Made to Share!  GNOME 2.28 Released!
> GNOME 2.28 enhances Empathy Instant Messaging, adds official Bluetooth
> support, and improves other applications and the GNOME Developer Platform.
> September 23rd, 2009
> The GNOME Community is excited to announce the immediate availability of
> GNOME 2.28. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide have worked over the past six
> months to deliver improvements to the GNOME Desktop and GNOME Developer
> Platform.
> GNOME 2.28 furthers the GNOME mission by making sure people have a free
> desktop they can use to communicate with their friends using the latest
> technology.
> GNOME 2.28 delivers a number of new feature enhancements to improve the user
> experience.  GNOME 2.28 adds official support for Bluetooth devices for the
> first time, including mice, keyboards, mobile phones and other peripherals.
>  Bastien Nocera, one of the leading developers of GNOME's
> Bluetooth featureset says: “With the addition of the Bluetooth management
> tools and the enhancements to our Volume Control applications, we've given
> GNOME users access to more hardware features, whilst keeping our design
> principles.”
> Empathy, GNOME's instant messenger, built on the Telepathy framework, has
> seen numerous improvements, including the ability to add custom themes,
> geolocation support for Jabber clients, and the ability for users to share
> their desktop with their contacts using the GNOME Remote Desktop server and
> viewer, Vino and Vinagre.  "The Telepathy team is proud of the cooperation
> between the Empathy, Vino and Vinagre developers. Thanks to their work, our
> users will be able to easily share their desktop with their contacts without
> having to care about the underlying technical details. This is a great step
> for us as it marks the first use in GNOME of the collaborative features
> offered by the Telepathy framework. We hope to soon see more and more
> applications integrating Telepathy in order to increase the collaborative
> user experience in the GNOME desktop," says Guillame Desmottes, one of the
> main contributors to Empathy.
> Other improvements to the GNOME Desktop include:
> Cheese, the GNOME webcam application, features an all new wide mode for
> users with netbooks.
> GNOME's web browser, Epiphany, fixed a number of long-standing bugs with the
> switch to Webkit as its engine.
> The Evince document viewer has been ported to Microsoft Windows®.
> Gedit has been ported to Mac OS® X.
> ... and more
> For users with accessibility needs, Orca, the GNOME screen reader
> application, has seen numerous updates, including  support for mouseovers,
> moving the mouse without performing a click, the ability to pronounce
> mis-spellled words, and more.
> The GNOME Developer Platform has seen significant progress in removing
> deprecated modules and functionality.  In GNOME 2.28, there are no longer
> any applications that depend on esound, libgnomevfs, libgnomeprint, or
> libgnomeprintui.  GTK+, Glib and other GNOME libraries have also seen
> improvements.
> For the full list of changes, please see the release notes at
> About GNOME
> The GNOME Project is creating a complete, free and easy-to-use desktop
> environment for users, as well as a powerful application development
> framework for software developers. The GNOME desktop is used by millions of
> people around the world. GNOME is a standard part of all leading GNU/Linux
> and Unix distributions as well as many mobile platforms like cellular phones
> and tablets.
> The GNOME project has three main goals:
> Free and open source desktop accessible to all. GNOME is a free desktop
> available  to everyone, regardless of language, physical ability, technical
> expertise.
> Development platform. GNOME is a powerful development platform for
> developing free and open source software applications.
> GNOME Mobile. GNOME technologies provide a foundation for mobile
> applications from tablets to cellular phones.
> Media Enquiries
> GNOME Foundation Executive Director
> Stormy Peters
> Email: gnome-press-contact gnome org
> Phone: +1-617-206-3947
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com>
> wrote:
>> Paul:
>>>    * Cheese, the GNOME webcam application, features an all new wide
>>>      mode for users with netbooks.
>>>    *  GNOME's web browser, Epiphany, fixed a number of long-standing
>>>      bugs with the switch to Webkit as its engine.
>>>    *  The Evince document viewer is now available for both Linux and
>>>      Microsoft Windows® platforms.
>> Evince has always been available for Linux, and other operating systems
>> like OpenSolaris and BSD.  I think the news is that it has now been
>> ported to Windows.  Perhaps we should just mention that it is now
>> available for Windows rather than call out all platforms that it works
>> with.
>> Brian
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