Re: GNOME 2.28 Press Release

On Wed, 2009-09-23 at 15:47 -0500, Paul Cutler wrote:
> I've never written a press release before, here's a first draft.  The
> only thing that I haven't been able to fit in a comment that we
> deliver GNOME every 6 months.  I wrote this in Abiword - if anyone
> wants the file, let me know.
> Paul
> GNOME 2.28 enhances Empathy Instant Messaging, adds official Bluetooth
> support, and improves other applications and the GNOME Developer
> Platform.

GNOME 2.28 "made for sharing" includes an improved instant messaging
client, integrated Bluetooth headsets and networking support and many
improvements in the GNOME Developer Platform.

> September 23rd, 2009
> The GNOME Community is excited to announce the immediate availability
> of GNOME 2.28. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide have worked over the
> past six months to deliver improvements to the GNOME Desktop and GNOME
> Developer Platform.  GNOME's mission is to provide a free desktop
> accessible to everyone regardless of their physical ability, financial
> ability or the language they speak.
> GNOME 2.28 delivers a number of new feature enhancements to improve
> the user experience.  GNOME 2.28 adds official support for Bluetooth
> devices for the first time, including mice, keyboards, mobile phones
> and other peripherals.  Bastien Nocera, maintainer of the
> gnome-bluetooth module says: “With the addition of the Bluetooth
> management tools and the
> enhancements to our Volume Control applications, we've given GNOME
> users
> access to more hardware features, whilst keeping our design
> principles.”

Perhaps it would be more relevant to mention Bastien as "hacker of the
GNOME Bluetooth stack|set|pack", maintainer and module might sound a bit
too nerdish.
Maybe "Bastien Nocera, one of the leading developers of GNOME's
Bluetooth capabilities|featureset".

> Empathy, GNOME's instant messenger, built on the Telepathy framework,
> has seen numerous improvements, including the ability to add custom
> themes, geolocation support for Jabber clients, and the ability for
> users to share their desktop with their contacts using the GNOME
> Remote Desktop server and viewer, Vino and Vinagre.  "The Telepathy
> team is proud of the cooperation between the Empathy, Vino and Vinagre
> developers. Thanks to their work, our users will be able to easily
> share their desktop with their contacts without having to care about
> the underlying technical details. This is a great step for us as it
> marks the first use in GNOME of the collaborative features offered
> by the Telepathy framework. We hope to soon see more and more
> applications integrating Telepathy in order to increase the
> collaborative user experience in the GNOME desktop," says Guillame
> Desmottes.

This <p> feels a bit long, perhaps it's just because of my mail client.
Maybe put a <br> before the quote by Guillame. Also we need to say
'Guillame Desmottes, one of the main contributors of Empathy'.

> The GNOME Developer Platform has seen significant progress in removing
> deprecated modules and functionality.  In GNOME 2.28, there are no
> longer any applications that depend on esound, libgnomevfs,
> libgnomeprint, or libgnomeprintui.  GTK+, Glib and other GNOME
> libraries have also seen improvements.

I would move this before the reference to the release notes.

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