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Stormy, this is a great idea.  Some comments below:

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
Press team,

I'd like us to come up with a press plan. Some of the things that I think we should have is:

1) A list of journalists and bloggers who would like to receive updates from us. Ideally we would have them all subscribe to a mailing list and keep them updated on events. Alternatively, we could all pair up with one or two and keep them up to date.

Is there an opportunity to use CivicCRM for this?  I like the idea of the community partnering with a one or two as well.
2) A way to keep informed of new events.

I believe we have a GNOME Events calendar (in Google Calendar?) Are we thinking about creating a new one, or using the existing one?
3) A calendar. In addition to keeping press informed regularly, we should put out regular press releases. This helps press and analysts remember we are here. Keeps our name out there, etc. I think we should aim for one press event a month.
4) Tone. I'd like to stay way from boring press releases. Options would be to make them funny (hard to do across cultures, and I have no skill in this area), conversational, about real people, short, a conglomoration of blog posts and quotes, ... other thoughts?

I like the idea about tone - I know I'm a fairly dry writer myself.  :)  I think quotes and getting GNOME Developers involved in providing those kind of quotes are key.

Thoughts? Are people willing to help put together a mailing list of journalists, a stream of information to give them, a calendar of events and some press contact?

I'm willing to help, though I'm a bit busy at the moment.  Lastly, have we thought about reaching out to some journalists we know cover GNOME on a regular basis, like Ryan Paul @ Ars Technica or Michael @ Phoronix and asking them what might be helpful or what best practices they can share that they see with other communities / organizations?



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