Press plan

Press team,

I'd like us to come up with a press plan. Some of the things that I think we should have is:

1) A list of journalists and bloggers who would like to receive updates from us. Ideally we would have them all subscribe to a mailing list and keep them updated on events. Alternatively, we could all pair up with one or two and keep them up to date.
2) A way to keep informed of new events.
3) A calendar. In addition to keeping press informed regularly, we should put out regular press releases. This helps press and analysts remember we are here. Keeps our name out there, etc. I think we should aim for one press event a month.
4) Tone. I'd like to stay way from boring press releases. Options would be to make them funny (hard to do across cultures, and I have no skill in this area), conversational, about real people, short, a conglomoration of blog posts and quotes, ... other thoughts?

Thoughts? Are people willing to help put together a mailing list of journalists, a stream of information to give them, a calendar of events and some press contact?


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