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I agree that it would help to keep GNOME in the news on a regular basis.  Thanks for putting this first pass together.  In addition to the list below, is it press release worthy to have one when we know a GNOME speaker is giving a talk at a conference?  Are there any hardware / Advisory Board members who have upcoming product launches that we're aware of using GNOME technologies we'd like to mention as well?


On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
One of the things that companies usually do is make sure they have a consistent, constant stream of news to remain current in the minds of journalists, analysts and end users.

I think we have lots of things to tell people about but it's often hard to remember to stop and take the time to write about them, so I'd like to propose a calendar of 1-2 press releases a month to help us keep others informed.

Here's my start:

  * GNOME Asia
  * GNOME 2.30
  * Mozilla/a11y
  * GNOME events are community empowered (talk about our marketing hackfests, event box, conference materials, presentation materials, etc.)
January -
  * Annual report
  * Q4 quarterly report
February -
  * GNOME 2.30
  * GNOME at CSUN & a11y hackfest
April -
May -
 * something leading up to GNOME 3.0 ...
 * something leading up to GNOME 3.0 ...
  * Software Freedom Day
  * GNOME 3.0
  * Boston Summit
  * GNOME Asia
November -
December -

What else should we add?


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