Re: Getting the dreaded "Synchronization failed!" error

On Thu, 2012-07-12 at 17:01 -0400, Adam Stein wrote:
> Running Fedora 17 with the following:
> 	Evolution v3.4.3
> 	gnome-pilot v2.91.93-5
> 	gnome-pilot-conduits v2.91.93-3
> 	gnome-pilot-eds v2.91.93-5
> 	pilot-link v0.12.5-11
> The only thing I could find related to different timezones.  Both my
> Pilot and Evolution are set to America/New_York.
> I'm looking for other things to look at or how to debug this problem
> (any environment variables I can set to trace what's happening in
> gnome-pilot-*?)
> My last resort is to pull down source code and have a look around, so
> I'm looking for anything else I could do before that.

I know of one reason this definitely won't work, though you may be
encountering other problems too.  Since Evolution 3.2, the Evolution
conduits are nonfunctional due to the implementation of e_*_get_changes
being dropped from evolution-data-server
(  I'm not sure if
the developers were unaware the functions were still being used or just
didn't care.  I have a patch there that should restore the functionality
for the calendar, tasks, and memos, but not the address book.

Unfortunately, as much as I liked my trusty Sony Clié PEG-NX60, since it
looked like the maintenance burden was only going to keep growing, I
have taken the plunge to a new mobile PIM solution: aCal
( on my Android phone, synchronizing with
Evolution via a local instance of DAViCal (  My
maintenance efforts are now focused here.  To anyone still relying on
the gnome-pilot Evolution conduits, I offer my regrets and encourage you
to consider moving to this solution with me.  Please poke me to write a
how-to and release my fixes to aCal.  (aCal, like Evolution, has a lot
of functionality but is very buggy.  DAViCal seems solid so far.)


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