Re: Duplicate entries

Am 24.12.2010 12:26, schrieb Daniel Thompson:
> On 12/23/10 09:24, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
>> I am seeing duplicate entries on a Tungsten m550, in calendar, contacts,
>> todo and notes. Each Sync seems to add one more identical entry on both
>> sides, at the moment I have up to 4 of them. Deleting all but one entry
>> on one side and sync'ing does not really help, I have two entries on
>> this side and one more on the other side afterwards.
>> Syncing worked for several months now; no idea what caused this problem.
>> How can it be fixed?
> I always used to get this problem after syncing with more than one host
> computer.
> I'm afraid I never really worked out how to solve it, I just choose to
> sync with only one host! However I did write a little tool to clean up
> after something goes wrong:
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thanks for the quick answer even on holidays ;-)
This actually happened to one of our users, so I cannot tell for sure,
but AFAIK this device has only been sync'ed with one host.

I managed to clean up the mess today by cleaning the Palm with your
tool, (thank you very much for it), then one-way syncing to a fresh
evolution profile. I cleaned up all remaining duplicates there and did a
one-way snyc back to the palm device. Now sync' ing works again.

I found out much of the remaining duplicates (which were almost all
recurring events) differed slightly:
- Some were actually entered twice, once on the PDA and once on the
desktop. I told the user not to do this.
- Some recurring events had identical times, but a different end of
recurrence set (once "never", once sometime in 2012). User said she did
not set this manually.
- Some recurring events had multiple exceptions, which evolution listed
in different order (one 12/31/10, 12/29/10, 12/30/10 and one 12/30/10,
12/31/10, 12/29/10). Don't know if this actually makes a difference.
- Still, some events and also address book entries were 100% identical,
from what I could see. RFTidy did not detect them, however.

Thank you again for your help

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