Re: Duplicate entries


I'd bet there are slight differences in each entry on both hosts. Hence
the sync process can see them as different.

What about defining one of the 2 hosts as "slave", by setting its
conduits to "copy from PDA" (instead of syncing)? Since the data are
present on the 1st host as well as on the PDA, this should be harmless
to try.

However, it would fail if "copy from PDA" doesn't mean "overwrite". I
don't have 2 computers to test such a 3-fold sync... Just my 2 cents.

HTH - Regards, Daniel

Daniel Thompson wrote:
> On 12/23/10 09:24, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
> > I am seeing duplicate entries on a Tungsten m550, in calendar, contacts,
> > todo and notes. Each Sync seems to add one more identical entry on both
> > sides, at the moment I have up to 4 of them. Deleting all but one entry
> > on one side and sync'ing does not really help, I have two entries on
> > this side and one more on the other side afterwards.
> > 
> > Syncing worked for several months now; no idea what caused this problem.
> > How can it be fixed?
> I always used to get this problem after syncing with more than one host
> computer.
> I'm afraid I never really worked out how to solve it, I just choose to
> sync with only one host! However I did write a little tool to clean up
> after something goes wrong:
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