Re: Problems syncing calendar and addressbook with Treo 680

Hi Chris,

On Mon, 2009-11-23 at 10:10 -0600, Chris Payne wrote:
> Well, I did say I would help debug ;-)
> I followed those instructions (thanks for the link, I'm more of an rpm
> guy so those were helpful on this Ubuntu laptop). I commented the "if"
> statement as below:
> and it indeed copied my Datebook/Calendar from the Treo to the proper
> calendar in Evolution as instructed. Presumably the
> Addressbook/Contacts will work as well now.
> Can you confirm the above the appropriate long term solution before I
> sync up the contacts and start syncing on a regular basis?

Excellent!  How very gratifying.  Weird that your databases have that
flag set.  I have no idea why that should be.

Your fix looks fine.  I expect I'll make the same changes on trunk and
it'll show up in the next release, whenever that may be.


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