Re: Problems syncing calendar and addressbook with Treo 680

> On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Matt Davey <mcdavey mrao cam ac uk> wrote:
> > On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 09:12 -0600, Chris Payne wrote:
> >> gpilotd-Message: Base AddressDB is to be ignored by sync
> >> gpilotd-Message: Base DatebookDB is to be ignored by sync
> > (among others)
> >
> > This is surprising. =A0Have you marked these applications on your Treo as
> > "not for backup"? =A0Have a dig. =A0These messages suggest the PDA databa=
> ses
> > are marked as to be ignored (i.e. PDA-side, not desktop-side). =A0Note
> > that the memo DB is not showing this message.
> Well, using FileZ I poked around to see what was set for backup or not
> (is there  a better way to find this out on the Palm?). According to
> it, both the MemoDb and the DatebookDb have the backup bit un-set,
> which I read as "do not backup". I toggled the backup bit to on for
> DatebookDb but there was no change.
> Just to prove I was not fooling myself through all the iterations, I
> enabled the Memo conduit (still not set for backup on the Palm) and
> the successful sync output is included below.
> Not sure what to do next, but thanks for the help.

I've played around a bit, and I can't figure out where, if anywhere,
the 'exclude from sync' setting might be toggled (or used).  It is
possible that it is an obsolete flag that gnome-pilot should be
ignoring.  I've asked a question on the pilot-link-devel list,
and we'll see if any info surfaces there.  It's odd that no one seems
to have run into this issue before, to my knowledge.

The solution is almost certainly to re-compile gnome-pilot from source,
changing manager.c to remove the check on the "dlpDBMiscFlagExcludeFromSync".
If you are on Ubuntu and need some tips on compiling from source, take a
look here:

I know, not the answer you were hoping for :(


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