Re: sync with palm tx excludes "Location" field from appointments


On Sat, 14 Mar 2009, Isaac Emesowum wrote:

> I've noticed that when I sync my palm t|x with gnome-pilot and Evolution
> my appointment Locations are not synced. I've entered the location in
> the palm's UI and Evolution's appointment UI; this information is not
> synced either way. I'm doing a wifi sync on an internal network. I'm
> assuming gpilotd on port 14238 is doing the sync work.

> I'd like to help get this supported. Could someone point me to the
> location in pilot-link(?) source that might deal with this? I'm a
> developer, but I've never contributed patches and am not familiar with
> the process. I'm also willing to do some testing to help current
> developers who are supporting gnome-pilot or pilot-link.

Probably, you need to have your Evolution conduit read a different
database. pilot-link supports the one you want, the 'ContactsDB-PAdd'
database. The current conduit is
and you'll need to write a new one that instead of using uses - it's
very similar, just the structures have some more attributes (including


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