Re: sync multiple calendars

I would think that it would be worth it to just use the 'road warrior' sync that works so well.  Every attempt I ever made with using Evolution for even a single calendar was met with dropped data and duplicates in every sync.  Evolution is a great idea that is poorly done.

I have tried three different palm models with it, T3, E, and Centro.  None worked, ever.

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From:  Matt Davey <mcdavey mrao cam ac uk>
Subj:  Re: sync multiple calendars
Date:  Mon Oct 6, 2008 10:01 am
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Are you sure that your calendar app isn't using 'categories' to present
different calendars?  On my TE2, if I go into my calendar and select the
"Options->Display Options..." menu I get a checkbox "Show Category List"
that then allows me to switch between views of appointments matching
just a single category.

Support for mapping categories to Evo calendars could be done, as
discussed on this list previously.  If you have truly got different
calendars, independent of categories, that's a big difference behind the

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