Re: Sync doesn't finish

Hey, Ken,
I'm running Kubuntu 8.04 and this works fine for me.
Does it finish the sync if you change the settings on that conduit to "Disabled" so that it doesn't even attempt to do the EToDo sync?

If it still hangs, then maybe the thing to do is disable the conduits one by one until you find out which one is causing the problem. Maybe then disable all the rest and try various permutations on that one conduit until it works.

Quite what that will be like in detail is for those with more technical knowledge than I to suggest .....
Best wishes,

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Subject: Sync doesn't finish
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 11:34:58 +0200

Hi all,

Ubuntu 8.04 / Evolution <-> Palm Zire 31

I have had different trouble with this combination from the beginning
and am hoping you can help me sort things out.

The bug (I am guessing it is a bug) I am looking at right now is that
Sync hangs at the EToDo list. The next item (Memofile isn't started I

What information can I supply to help you help me?



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