Re: Starting gnome-pilot minimised to tray / getting usb: sync to work first time

OK, I think that my original question was confused, and you've shed light on what was really required.

I've found that with syncing via usb: when I initially try and sync, it doesn't work. Then if I run the configuration applet, the sync does work.

I'm guessing that the key thing that's making the difference is that running the applet ALSO serves to start the daemon.

So, what in fact I need to do is get the daemon to be initiated on startup. And I assume that I can do that just by sticking a script into my autostart folder with the command "gpilotd".


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Hi again,

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 22:03 +0100, Jamie Dow wrote:
> Hi,
> Second question: is it possible (what would be the options from the
> command line) to start the gnome-pilot (gpilotd-control-applet)
> minimised to the system tray?
> This relates in teh first instance to my Kubuntu 8.04 (KDE 3.9)
> system. But I'd also be interested in how it might work for my work
> Fedora 9 (Gnome) system.

On gnome, what you should do is add the gnome-pilot 'applet' to the
panel (right click on a blank area, select 'add to panel...' and search
for 'pilot applet' which should have a sync icon).  This will then be
added to your gnome session and will start automatically.  You can click
on the icon to launch the configuration applet
('gpilotd-control-applet').  The communication daemon (gpilotd) runs in
the background.


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