Re: Starting gnome-pilot minimised to tray

Hi again,

On Wed, 2008-10-01 at 22:03 +0100, Jamie Dow wrote:
> Hi,
> Second question: is it possible (what would be the options from the
> command line) to start the gnome-pilot (gpilotd-control-applet)
> minimised to the system tray?
> This relates in teh first instance to my Kubuntu 8.04 (KDE 3.9)
> system. But I'd also be interested in how it might work for my work
> Fedora 9 (Gnome) system.

On gnome, what you should do is add the gnome-pilot 'applet' to the
panel (right click on a blank area, select 'add to panel...' and search
for 'pilot applet' which should have a sync icon).  This will then be
added to your gnome session and will start automatically.  You can click
on the icon to launch the configuration applet
('gpilotd-control-applet').  The communication daemon (gpilotd) runs in
the background.


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