Evolution with exchange

I'm using Evolution as my PIM client at work, and instead of (what most other users have) Outlook.

Evolution is surprisingly flaky and crashes a lot, unfortunately. (I run Fedora 9. Seems much less robust than my Kubuntu machine at home.).

My question is whether it is possible to get the exchange conduits for Calendar, Address, Task, etc. to point to the exchange based calendar, addressbook, and so on. I want my Palm Device to update and be updated by the calendar stored on the exchange server, to which evolution is giving me access.

When I configure the conduits to point to the correct calendar / addressbook / etc., I sync and - hey presto! - the conduits have magically changed to point to a different calendar / address book..

Anyone know why this is happening, and whether it is possible to sync successfully with the exchange data that evolution-exchange enables me to access via evolution?


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