Re: Installing Files with multiple PDAs

Hi Brent,

Am Samstag, den 01.03.2008, 20:50 -0800 schrieb Brent Goodrick: 
> Hi Dietmar,
> I believe that gpilot-install-file (well, at least the version I'm
> running on my Debian Lenny system) has a --pilot option. But you are
> ...

thanks for the complete description. I tried the man pages (in Linux
Ubuntu), which are not so exhaustive and since my Linux system is
working stable since about 1 year I forgot completely the --help option.

This is what I did (just to summarize for other readers):

gpilot-install-file --later --pda="PalmTX" <filename>

where "PalmTX" is the "Name" of the PDA in the applet. Hotsynching the
device installed the file.

With this tutorial (sorry it's in German, but it was the only one that
was not confusing):, I was able
to add the functionality to the right-click menu in Nautilus (actually
without installing the "nautilus-actions").

> Note that I was not able to get pilot-link (or gnome-pilot which
> relies upon pilot-link) to work under Fedora 7 using the exact same
> hardware.  ...
gnome-pilot is working fine with me, but it is not possible to define
the device to install a file to.
> ...I'm using the "usb:" device and not
> the /dev/pilot device for all of my settings, and it is quite fast.
I am using IR.
> Brent

> On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Dietmar Hiller <hillerd tiscali de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >  I have just installed a 2nd PDA on gnome-pilot. Synchronization with
> >  Evolution works great, but installing files (.prc, .pdb applications) is
> >  a problem. I use drag-and-drop to the applet with the result that
> >  nothing is installed. Using gpilot-install only wants to install on the
> >  device0. Manipulating file ~/gnome-pilot.d/queue manually allows
> >  synchronizing also with the 2nd device. So the issue is, that it is
> >  currently not possible to tell which device the file shall be installed
> >  to.
> >  Regards
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> >  Dietmar
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