Re: Installing Files with multiple PDAs

Hi Dietmar,

I believe that gpilot-install-file (well, at least the version I'm
running on my Debian Lenny system) has a --pilot option. But you are
going to be left to guess what is actually meant by "PDA" in the
--help output:

  sh-3.1$ gpilot-install-file --help
  Usage: gpilot-install-file [OPTION...]
    --load-modules=MODULE1,MODULE2,...     Dynamic modules to load
  Application options
    -n, --now                              Install immediately
    -l, --later                            Install delayed
    -p, --pilot=PDA                        PDA to install to


Note that before this will work, you have to enable the File conduit
inside preferences:

  From GNOME desktop:
    Select the System menu,
    Select Preferences menu,
    Select PalmOS Devices,
    Select the Conduits tab,
    Pull down the PDA selector and choose the particular PDA you
      desire to install the file upon,
    Click on the File Conduit and note the Description at the
      bottom of the window changes to "Installs files on the PDA",
    Click on the Enable button (which will be disabled/greyed-out
      if it is already enabled).

I attempted to install a .prc file as follows:

  sh-3.1$ gpilot-install-file --now --pilot="My Second Treo 650"
  gpilotd-Message: Activating object OAFIID:GNOME_Pilot_Daemon
  fileconduit-Message: My Second Treo 650 completed 424076986

After you execute a command similar to the above, a dialog box should
pop up up with a Cancel button, and you are expected to press the
HotSync button on the cradle to cause the transfer to occur. The
dialog box disappears after it completes the transfer, but if it stays
up then something is wrong (such as if you do not enable the File

If you get the PDA name incorrect, you will get a dialog box that pops
up with this unhelpful error message:

  Following files failed :
     - /tmp/PalmPDF.prc
  Installing to Some Bogus PDA Name:

  No files to install

Rather, I would have desired for it to read something like this:

  "Some Bogus PDA Name" is an invalid PDA name. Valid PDA names are:

    My First Treo 650
    My Second Treo 650

But on the terminal output window you will see a cryptic error message
that reads:

  gpilotd-Message: Activating object OAFIID:GNOME_Pilot_Daemon
  (gpilot-install-file:32732): gpilotd-WARNING **:
gnome-pilot-client.gob:780: Caught exception:

So the "UnknownPilot" part of that cryptic message is a hint as to
what is going on.  (Hint to developers: Consider implementing the
above suggested change to the error messaging dialog box.)

Anyhow, the "My Second Treo 650" is the string in the "Name" column
that I have set up in preferences.

IMO, some description similar to the above have been mentioned in the
gpilot-install-file man page but was not for my version (see version
details below).  The missing content in the man pages is a bug.

The gnome-pilot version info on my Debian Lenny system is:

  sh-3.1$ dpkg-query --show --showformat='Package ${Package}
Version"${Version}"\n' '*gnome-pilot*'
  Package gnome-pilot Version"2.0.15-2.1"
  Package gnome-pilot-conduits Version"2.0.15-1+b1"
  Package libgnome-pilot0 Version""
  Package libgnome-pilot0-dev Version""
  Package libgnome-pilot2 Version"2.0.15-2.1"

Note that I was not able to get pilot-link (or gnome-pilot which
relies upon pilot-link) to work under Fedora 7 using the exact same
hardware.  My belief is that it is due to some funky stuff either with
my specific Fedora 7 installation, or due to some "Policy" alpha-ware
that that is under development in Fedora only, and not Debian.  When I
installed Debian Etch (and then upgraded to Debian Lenny), things
started to work flawlessly. FYI: I'm using the "usb:" device and not
the /dev/pilot device for all of my settings, and it is quite fast.


On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Dietmar Hiller <hillerd tiscali de> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have just installed a 2nd PDA on gnome-pilot. Synchronization with
>  Evolution works great, but installing files (.prc, .pdb applications) is
>  a problem. I use drag-and-drop to the applet with the result that
>  nothing is installed. Using gpilot-install only wants to install on the
>  device0. Manipulating file ~/gnome-pilot.d/queue manually allows
>  synchronizing also with the 2nd device. So the issue is, that it is
>  currently not possible to tell which device the file shall be installed
>  to.
>  Regards
>  --
>  Dietmar
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>  (Dante)
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