improving the Evolution addressbook conduit

I'm beginning to take a look at the Evolution conduits, and have started
with the addressbook conduit.

I'm aiming to start by fixing some data corruption bugs that have
annoyed me for a while.  An early win is fixing the 'other' field bug:
There are several other bugs that need fixing and lead to data rot.
Once that is out of the way I'll look at adding support for ContactsDB
and the 'new' fields such as birthdays and photos.  Support for
ContactsDB will require some limited new API on the gnome-pilot side.

This work will definitely go faster if I get help from people willing to
build from source and test modified gnome-pilot and
evolution/evolution-data-server source.  I can help you get up and
running with a build-from-source setup.  If you have time/skills to help
with the development, too, so much the better.

Thanks for listening,


Matt Davey		Man by nature wants to know.  -- Aristotle
mcdavey mrao cam ac uk 

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