Re: improving the Evolution addressbook conduit

Good, Thank you!

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Matt Davey <mcdavey mrao cam ac uk> wrote:
> I'm beginning to take a look at the Evolution conduits, and have started
> with the addressbook conduit.
> I'm aiming to start by fixing some data corruption bugs that have
> annoyed me for a while.  An early win is fixing the 'other' field bug:
> There are several other bugs that need fixing and lead to data rot.
> Once that is out of the way I'll look at adding support for ContactsDB
> and the 'new' fields such as birthdays and photos.  Support for
> ContactsDB will require some limited new API on the gnome-pilot side.
> This work will definitely go faster if I get help from people willing to
> build from source and test modified gnome-pilot and
> evolution/evolution-data-server source.  I can help you get up and
> running with a build-from-source setup.  If you have time/skills to help
> with the development, too, so much the better.
> Thanks for listening,
> Matt
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