RE: z22 F7 problem

Quoting "Reitsma, Rene - COB" <reitsmar bus oregonstate edu>:

> Tom
> You are so far ahead of me, it's scary. I checked your patch and did
> the
> following finds as root
> >cd /
> >find . -mount -name usb.c (-mount because I have a bunch of Windows
> file systems mounted that I don't need/want  to search)  and
> >find . -mount -name libpisock
> None of these finds returns anything. I suspect that this is kernel
> code
> source code that I don't have? I use no other pilot devices than the
> Z22, so I don't mind if I " will break support for other devices in
> pilot-link" (I think).
> What's my next step?
> RR

I think you are searching in the gnome-pilot source code. This fix is
for the pilot-link code (, which is the underlying
layer for gnome-pilot. pilot-xfer is also a tool that is provided by


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