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I have a z22, with Splash-photo as the preinstalled photo management software. Splash-photo only supports pics with the .jpg.pdb extension (it must be doubled like that). I have never bothered to try a raw jpeg since I want all of my pics in Splash-Photo as well. For all I know, the address-book could be referencing the splash-photo database.

Unfortunately, my only palm is my z22 (excepting an original zire which doesn't do external memory either), so I can't do any testing on whether or not the file goes to the right place.

On another note, a blanket warning message for unsupported files such as "Unfortunately, Gnome-Pilot does not support the synchronizing of formats other than prc and pdb at this time. This file will not be synchronized next time you connect your palm." The problem here is that currently it tries (and fails) to sync unsupported formats every connection. They fail, and then don't get removed, so you can build up a long list of unsupported files that fail to sync every time.

A blanket ban won't be hard to do at all, and we can implement converters for other formats as we think of them. This is definitely something that should be implemented because compiling par and using it are not something newbies want to do. It also doesn't take much new code, so it won't take long.

Objections or concerns?


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> On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 18:28 -0400, Evan wrote:
>> I've just joined this list, so please forgive me if there is a
>> specific protocol for suggesting new features,
> Welcome to the list.  This is the best forum for this sort of
> discussion.
>> but I have something I think should be added (and as far as I know it
>> won't take much work). While dragging files to the applet works if
>> they are prc or pdb files, the most recent generation of palm pilots
>> also include a photo viewer. When installing a file other that a prc
>> or pdb, it doesn't work.
>> Currently the only way to add a photo to a palm is to use the utility
>> here:
>> As described in the article here:
> Hmm.  I haven't tried installing JPEGs onto a palm, but I'd presumed
> that, at least for recent devices, the best thing to do was just to copy
> the JPEGs directly onto removable media (are there any recent devices
> that don't support removable media?).

The z22 does not support removable media, and is still sold.

Apart from that, I don't know whether the address book app can read
photos if they are not in the pdb format? I have a z22 so I can't test
it, but for me the only way to get a photo in the address book was with
the par tool.

This is also something I was thinking about when I was working on the
syncing of the address book with evolution for the os5 database
structure. If contact pictures must be synchronized, I think the par
tool need to be implemented in gpilot.

> This approach should work for any sort of files, not just images,
> whereas wrapping a 'dropped' file in a .pdb file would be inappropriate
> for some files (e.g. a text file should probably be installed as a doc
> pdb file, and a html file should be installed as-is or converted a la
> plucker or something like that.  It becomes pretty complex, pretty
> quickly.)
> I mentioned in a previous post that we could consider support for
> installing files onto removable media at sync time, but the usability
> challenge is specifying the destination folder at the 'drag and drop'
> time.
> Thoughts?
> Matt

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