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From: Matt Davey
Time: 27-01-07 22:11
> Mind boggling.
> >From reading the bug (master seems to be #339813) it seems that
> it is locale dependent, so presumably the backend data representation
> is capable of storing the time correctly, but it is getting mangled
> between the gui and the backend (?)
Just tested it, and it's not the case. The backend seems to be the
problem. The weird part is you have to give the data to e-d-s as a 4
digit year (so you must set it as 1950), but when you try to read the
data again it will return 2050.
> Anyway, 'twould be a shame if this scuppered your ContactsDb project :(
Yeah, maybe I'll just skip the birthday, it would still be an
improvement as all the adresses can be synced and the OS5 fields would
not be erased anymore on a sync from pc to pda.
> On that front, I think the right thing to do is to present a single
> address/contact combined conduit to the user (as David D. suggested).
> This may make the code a bit more involved, but it is worth it to avoid
> a never ending stream of confused users!  I guess the way to do it is
> to register the conduit for the legacy AddressDb (which is faked on
> OS5, as I understand it).  Then, when the conduit runs it can check
> whether ContactsDb is available and, if so, sync with that instead
> of AddressDb.  Perhaps you can split out the 'convert from
> pilot <--> evo record' function into two functions, one for Contacts
> and one for Address.  The jpilot code might be worth looking at, too.
As far as I can see it works a little different. When the
"GnomePilotConduit * conduit_get_gpilot_conduit (guint32 pilot_id)"
function is called, the conduit registers an database to gnome-pilot
with an id. Gnome-pilot will use this information to get back to that
specific conduit when a database with that id is encountered.  So you
have to find out which databases are available before you register the
right one.
I think it can be implemented rather easily in 1 conduit if we can
determine at the beginning of that function which databases are
available.  The problem is, I can't find a way to do it. I just need
to get the version of the palmos, or a list of databases available.
Does gnome-pilot offer a function like "get_pda_version(pilot_id)" or
something similar? I can't find it.

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