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On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 17:07 +0100, Tom Billiet wrote:
> Does gnome-pilot offer a function like "get_pda_version(pilot_id)" or
> something similar? I can't find it. 

The SysInfo struct in libpisock will be able to do that for you.. 

struct  SysInfo         info;

/* ... */

if (info.romVersion > 0x0500) {
	/* OS is greater than OS5, etc. ... */

But you'll need to combine this with a check for the actual database
presence and the version of the application in use, before you proceed.
Contacts v1.0 is not the same as Contacts v1.1.. 

On my Treo, "Contacts" is actually part of an application called "Phone
v3.0" from ACCESS.. so there's quite a few options here to check and
test for. 

You'll need to check ALL of them to be absolutely sure, before you
consider writing data to the user's Palm device, potentially corrupting
it, swapping records or missing pieces. 

1. Check Palm version (if it supports it)

2. If it clearly is OS4 and earlier, use AddressDb.pdb

3. If not, or is one of the esoteric 4.x-XXxx versions (4.1-T for
example), then you'll want to try checking the version of Contacts used
on the device (if it exists) by opening up ContactsDb-PAdd via its
CreatorID (PAdd). 

If ContactsDb-PAdd.pdb does not exist, it doesn't mean the user is using
one that supports "Address Book", they may just have never initialized
the ContactsDb-PAdd database (new Palms will have a non-existant
Contacts database until the moment you tap on the Contacts application
for the very first time, so trying to open crid "PAdd" on a new Palm
will still fail, *EVEN IF* AddressDB.pdb exists on the device (i.e. a
user who has restored their "old" Palm data to their "new" Palm
device... which happens quite often). 

If this fails, try opening up AddressDB by its CreatorID (addr) and use

There are quite a few traps in here, but with careful planning, you'll
be able to work out the specifics. Just be very careful about how you
handle the presence of a non-OS4 device that may or may not report the
correct information about whether it is running Contacts or not. 

David A. Desrosiers
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