Re: SLED 10 gnome-pilot doesn't communicate with my Treo 600

> In a nutshell, pilot-xfer -p /dev/pilot -L works (I get a nice list of
> all the DB's on my Palm) but gnome-pilot doesn't seem to do anything
> during initial configuration.
> When I run gnome-pilot I tell it my palm is on /dev/pilot, which it is,
> and I have the necessary rights as I've changed udev to set permissions
> of 777 on ttyUSB* devices.
> Not sure what output to give, as no errors are produced. My phone simply
> times out and there's no output past the point in the gnome-pilot applet
> wizard where it tells me to turn on my palm device to read the user name
> already stored on it.

Okay, if you've got pilot-link working then there shouldn't be
any big problems getting gnome-pilot to work.

First of all, what version of gnome-pilot are you running, and what
palm device do you have?  Does your palm device display any error
messages or does it just sit there and time out?

If gnome-pilot can't manage to read the user-name and device ID from your
palm device, then it usually means that your device has a USB device/vendor
ID pair that isn't a known device.  This could happen with a new device
and/or an old-ish version of gnome-pilot.

The other thing that can happen is that there are timing problems
between the device attempting a sync and udev creating the device.
One thing you could try, to investigate this, is to stop the hald
process just before you start gpilotd (in then uses a different
method of detecting USB devices).

The best thing to do is:
1. exit any running gnome-pilot applet in the taskbar.
2. kill any running 'gpilotd' process
3. start 'gpilotd' by hand in a terminal window.  It usually
   lives either in /usr/libexec or /usr/bin
4. Now start up gpilotd-control-applet in another terminal
   window and try to config.

Console messages will appear at the terminals, which may give you
some hints.

Also, it can be worth changing the 'timeout' value for the device
in the configuration applet.  Settings 0, 2, 10, 100 should span
all behaviours.

Let us know how you get on,


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