Re: Category support in adsressbook

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From: Nathan Owens
Time: 10-01-07 07:35

That's essentially what I decided to do on the Tasks and Memos. The better option would be to have
a "Pilot Category" setting, and the user would choose which of the categories would be the Pilot
category. Note also that this would make it much easier to prevent the user from having more than
16 different categories that need to be synced to the PDA (each database may have at most 16
categories). I've yet to figure out how the Outlook plugin does it, but I don't think it works any
Nathan: Can I conclude about this that you are the author of the category support in the todo's and memo's conduits?
If so: can you explain why you set the category id in "add_category_if_possible" function:
category->ID[i] = lastDesktopUniqueID;
This value will always be 128 as it is initialized to that value in the "pre_sync" function. It only will be raised if you create more than 1 category in 1 sync action. I just left the id assigning out and it's also working, or do I mis something?


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