Re: Category support in adsressbook

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From: Matt Davey
Time: 10-01-07 15:52

The add_category_if_possible() functions are marked with the 'static'
keyword, so they are not visible outside their source file.
missed that, thanks for making clear :-)

Sounds sensible.  Code duplication should be reduced wherever possible. 
The question is, should the common code be put into pilot-link,
gnome-pilot or evolution?

"add_category_if_possible" could live anywhere: it is modifying a
pilot-link structure, the CategoryAppInfo.  However, the code from
"remote_category_to_local" and "local_category_to_remote" requires
knowledge of evolution structures, AFAICS, and therefore can't be put
into pilot-link or gnome-pilot.

It's probably easier to move all the common code to the existing

Great, I was already looking for a common functions file for the evolutions conduits, but I missed that one. I kept looking in the calendar folder, never went down to the e-util directory.
So I think it's the best idea to put the 3 functions into "e-util/e-pilot-util.c"
I will make a patch for it if nobody sees a problem for this :-)


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