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On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 15:25 +0100, Tom Billiet wrote:
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> From: Matt Davey
> Time: 10-01-07 15:52
> >> The rest of the category syncing mainly is written in the 2 functions
> >> "comp_from_remote_record" and "local_record_from_comp" . The code that's
> >> written there for the category support can actually be the same for the
> >> three conduits I think.  The code there is actually (almost) exact the
> >> same for the todo and the memo's conduit. It differs a bit from the
> >> calendar conduit as I made the sync only adapt the first category in
> >> evolution if there is more than 1 assigned, thus keeping the evolution
> >> structure more intact.
> >>     
> >
> > Sounds good.  Presumably the other conduits should be modified to
> > conform to this behaviour too.
> >   
> > [...]
> > It's probably easier to move all the common code to the existing
> > "e-util/e-pilot-util.c"
> >
> > Matt
> >   
> Okay,
> So I've done this now.
> All the common code for categories is now moved to
> e-util/e-pilot-util.c, and all the conduits now use a few lines to make
> category support possible. This means all the conduits now have the same
> behavior, they only look to the first category assigned in evolution if
> there are more, and leave the other untouched.
> This patch needs to be applied after the pilot-link-0.12 patch, which is
> here:

Excellent.  The pilot-link-0.12 patch has been applied to HEAD, so
perhaps your patch can be applied straight to HEAD now.

> Still I have 2 questions:
> 1) In the conduits there is a LOG function which is used quite a lot.
> It's defined there as a macro. When moving some of the code to e-util I
> did not know how to keep the logging possible there, so I just commented
> it out, maybe somebody else has another solutions?

Pass.  Most of the LOG-wrapped messages are debugging, and should
probably use g_debug instead of g_message, anyway.

> 2) what do I do with this patch? Do I submit it as a bug in bugzilla, or
> do I send it to the patch mailinglist from evolution?

I think I'd add it to bug 201167 : 
There are quite a few watchers of that bug.

And also post it to the evolution-patches list.

> Feel free to test it and report any problems.

I hope to, but am short of time at the mo.

Great work getting this together!


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