Re: Further dev work?

On Sun, 2007-12-30 at 19:25 +1100, Andrew Greig wrote:
> Will that patch move my Palm LifeDrive any closer to working with
> libusb?

Probably not, but you're welcome to try... Tom's patch is very specific
to the Z22 device. Palm decided to make things complicated by connecting
the device into "Drive Mode" when you cradle it. 

When you do that on Linux, hal, udev and libusb wakes up and attempts to
mount the device (as it would for any "external usb drive" you plug in).
Once that happens, we can't use pilot-link or similar tools to
communicate with it to HotSync. 

Since we know nothing about the underlying (undocumented) PalmOS API for
that specific device, we'd just be guessing what the signals are that we
need to send to the device to get it to disconnect from "Drive Mode" and
reattach in the mode that allows us to properly HotSync with the device.

Having never played with the LifeDrive myself, I can't say with absolute
certainty that this is the case, but from all user reports and debug
we've received about that device, that's what I can glean so far.

I've been plowing through the backlog of testing various distros/kernels
and devices and will have to rely on others to test things on platforms
and devices that I do not have in my collection. 

That, unfortunately, is slow going (and being a single father and trying
to find a full-time job consumes all of my remaining spare time).

David A. Desrosiers
desrod gnu-designs com
Skype...: 860-967-3820

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