Starting over, install packages

Hello, fellow pilotists,
 I'm new to the list and I REALLY want to finally rid myself of
needing to sync with MS based palm desktop.
If not Evolution, what would gnome-pilot sync with?

 I having a bit of a time deciding which versions to install, and
with which patches, from where ( I read about the Evolution patch(s),
but its a little cryptic. googling gets different versions of even
this patch, and even less clear as to where to apply it)  I'd be happy
to help organize some of this info on the gnome-pilot page (wiki?)
once I get up above the pavement

I would like to sync w/ Evolution.

Using gnome-pilot 2.0.13 I was able to sync memo,calendar,contacts and
time...fairly error free, (but it was cross my fingers if I would be
able to sync again, without a whole system reboot) the backup always
chokes about halfway thru then locks up gnome desktop.

I use (fairly inexperianced at linux) Gentoo x86 with gnome desktop
kernel ver.2.6.18 r-4
gnome desktop 2.16.2
palmOne Handheld Lifedrive ( rom lightened via modrom.git) (drive mode
works...hooray!) The Lifedrive has the SAME vendor and product ID as
the palmZire31  0830:0061 (devices.xml) weird.

...10-Lifedrive.rules (udev)
# PalmOne LifeDrive test
BUS=="usb", SYSFS{serial}=="PVG0U7K5VXXX*", NAME="pilot", GROUP="usb",
KERNEL=="ttyUSB[02468]", SYMLINK="pilot"

pilot-link 11.8

I intend on installing gnome-pilot 2.0.15 and the 2.0.15 conduits thru
an ebuild overlay (still weeding my way thru the docs on this)

Am I headed in the right direction?
Best Regards,

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