Re: Call for testers! (and updated pre-release tarball)

I had to grab from the gnome-pilot CVS tree to re-gen configure and aclocal to point to the right paths. It was missing the GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS macro definition

I've added macros/compiler-flags.m4 to the gnome-pilot tarball.

Same problem in -pre2 here. I'll see if I can narrow down why this is happening, but when I gen new config files and aclocal macros, I don't get the "undefined reference to `pi_buffer_new'" errors. pi-buffer.h is included (as is pi-source) in the right places, but its not catching the right paths, because aclocal insists on pointing it to the 0.11.8 version, even when I specifically point to the one in /usr/local.

Generating the files anew with the cvs version of fixes the problem, configure works the same, and the errors with finding pi_buffer_free go away.

and there were some weird buglets with the rpath in the .la files in /usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits, which point to bogus, non-existant paths.

?? I'm not sure I follow, but do you mean that there were some issues with overriding paths with ./configure switches?

rpath gets clobbered, maybe due to the aclocal/m4 issues above, not sure as yet. If you grep the .la files in /usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits on an Ubuntu system (so far that I've tested), they contain bogus paths to pilot-link 0.11.8 which do not exist on the live system, and these paths come before the pisock link point in the final link, causing wonderful problems. It also overrides (excludes) any 0.12.0 libpisock lines and prefixes passed to the build.

I had some issues last night with g-p just crashing wildly when I tried to connect over the network. I'm looking into it today, because I need to sync my calendar with my DAV server.

David A. Desrosiers
desrod gnu-designs com

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