Re: Is gnome-pilot development alive?

Good question.

gnome-pilot-2.0.12 rolled up a couple of patches that had been
floating around for a year, and added the welcome devices.xml
file to avoid hard coding device IDs.

Since then, there have been at least two HAL patches (yours,
and one from Simon Hart), a GUI patch from Daniel Thompson, and a
netsync patch from me (which probably breaks bluetooth-based ppp
netsync, in favour of enabling the more common netsyncs. I don't have
the devices necessary to test, and got no feedback, so haven't taken
it to the straightforward next step of allowing both).

The HAL stuff is reportedly being done in the bonobo-daemon branch, but
I've never looked at it.  Worth checking out to avoid duplication of
effort.  Like you, I've never seen a gnome-pilot roadmap and found great
difficulty finding any documentation on gnome-pilot.  Like you, I
haven't done anything much about that, either.

I believe David Desrosiers has a private patch porting gnome-pilot to
pilot-link-2.0.12.  It might be worth collaborating to avoid duplication
there, too.

I suspect if there was anyone out there with the time and interest,
jpr would be happy enough to hand over the reins.  Unfortunately,
quite a few of the problems with gnome-pilot right now appear to
be with the evolution conduits, and that is outside the gnome-pilot


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