Is gnome-pilot development alive?

Is any gnome-pilot/gnome-pilot-conduits development going on in CVS at
the moment?  Some activity appears to be happening in the
bonobo-daemon-branch, but I haven't see anything posted to mailing lists
about it.

I've got various patches, but I'm patching against the 2.0.12 tarball
rather than CVS as it's not clear where development is going.  In
particular, I'm keen to bring in HAL as a gnome-pilot dependency, as I
think it will solve many of the USB device problems in a "it just works"
way (and move much of the device stuff down into HAL).

I'm guessing that jpr is utterly swamped with Evolution development
right now.  I fear that posting this email might be interpreted as
volunteering for some of these jobs; I'm swamped too :-(

Any plans for the website to come back online? gives me "The requested
URL /projects/gnome-pilot was not found on this server."

Is there an IRC channel for development?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here.

Dave Malcolm

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